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How Can I Look Pretty for School Without Makeup?

Everyone is wanted to be beautiful, that is for sure and applying makeup is now common to women in order to look beautiful and attractive. However, is it possible to look pretty for school without makeup?

Every teenager is using these tips on how to look pretty naturally, you will realize. There are some tips for looking pretty for school naturally the following:

Smile and love yourself

It is as easy that wearing your smile always can definitely make you feel and look pretty even though you have no makeup. These tips naturally look pretty for school.


Befriend Your Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is neglected whenever you spend more hours under the sun, which could cause damages to your skin. You might not notice it at an early age, but later, your skin will lose its freshness and even becomes rough.

Wash your face every day

You are needed to make sure that you wash your face not only in the morning but also at nighttime. You can be used your own facial wash, facial moisturizer, and cleanser.

Drink a cup of hot water with lemon

It will keep your skin fresh. Taking a cup of this serving regularly, you will just notice a difference in your skin, which makes you look pretty even without makeup. It also flushes out toxins that are present in your body.

Apply skin scrub

It will also ensure that your skin cells breathe properly. When everything is ready, you can now apply it to your face and rub.

Drink enough amount of water

It helps to enhance the flexibility of your skin as well as hydrates it. You drink at least eight glasses a day for it can help you to have a sparkling and glowing skin all day long. It is important for you to keep your face hydrated through toning, cleansing and moisturizing it.

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