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What Mothers Should Tell Their Daughters?

Being a teenager in 2018 vastly different than a generation ago. Social media and cell phone usage by teens is the influx at an all-time high that is both a blessing and a curse.

Unfortunately, teenagers have used their social media accounts, as their primary gauge of popularity and self-worth. It is putting added pressure on parents to ensure they develop confident young adults.

The relationship dynamic between mothers with daughters can lessons that mothers should teach daughter often be like a rollercoaster. It is important for mothers to be the best role-models they can be for their daughters and sons. There are following mothers teaching daughters:

I Support You, No Matter What

A daughter has a strong, reliable support system in which the mother feels more grounded and confident to try new things. They are learning and growing from different experiences.

She will be knowing that even if she is attempting something new and fails, her mother will support her, and have her back, empowering her to make smart choices. It can lead to great opportunities for her future.

This is having a supportive mother eliminate the feeling of shame which so many teenage girls feel throughout middle school and high school.

Proud of You

Mothers should tell their daughters that you are proud of her, especially when things haven’t gone according to plan, gives her a sense of accomplishment and the courage to try again.

Your Self-Worth Has Nothing to Do with Your Body Shape or Weight

Women are judged based on their weight and body shape. It is crucial to instill confidence in your daughter that her character, choices, and the type of person she is choosing. It is more important than what she looks like.

Who You Spend Your Time with Is Very Important

The 5 people you spend most of your time with the need to share your values and morals. They also need to be there for you in good times and in bad times.  Friends, who do not meet these criteria, are not really your friends.

Take Few Opinions

Girls from 5-50 years of age are asking others for their opinion to validate their choices such as wear, look, and say. If you ask 10 people for their opinion, you will get 10 different responses. Mothers teaching daughters learn to value your own opinion for every choice you make.

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