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What Should a Father Teach His Son?

Dad is one of the role models for most boys, but with being a great role model comes great responsibility. Raising a kid is taking a great deal of patience and it is taking a great deal of love.

But a lot of dads are not sure how to handle a lot of lessons that come with the unwritten curriculum all fathers must develop. There are a few things every dad should teach his son the following:

How to shave?

Beards can be attractive, but even the mightiest beard is needed a healthy amount of trimming. Father teaching his son basic hygiene especially in all things hair.

Shaving can be a dangerous thing, and you are bound to cut yourself now and again. So you are having a mentor show you just how it is done with the least amount of mess and the highest amount of smooth is important.

How to use a knife?

Knives are essential in the kitchen, in the woods, and in general. You are having a trusty pocket knife in case a blade comes in handy.

It is well, handy unless your hand knows nothing about handling a keen edge. Father teaches his son safety and respect for weapons and tools of all kinds both makes sure your son stays out of trouble he can’t handle.

How to drink responsibly

Alcohol is a huge problem that many people are not treating nearly as seriously. Especially when the risk of personal injury and social misconduct is far and far higher than with smoking pot, the other common teenager is a recreational substance.

How to start a fire?

Fire is one of the basic tools in the outdoors. But it is starting one and more importantly and properly maintaining one is a tough skill to master.

It is making a bow drill, carrying flint and steel or waterproof matches, gathering tinder, kindling, and logs. It is making sure the end result is not a wildfire just some basics and your son’s chances of survival will be much higher.

How to handle a fight?

Handling a fight doesn’t just involve waking the dragon within and leaping over a pair of assailants. But it involves teaching your son what it means to take control of a bubbling, aggressive situation.

Stop a fight from escalating into uncontrollable fisticuffs with the use of calm assertion, reason, and compromise. It is involving teaching him how to stop a wild brawler in their tracks with some expert martial arts.

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